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I leverage my passion for people, organization, and tech to support your journeys of extraordinary changes

I leverage my passion for people, organization, and tech to support your journeys of extraordinary changes

Extraordinary projects since 2019

Why on earth is everybody talking about Agile?

Ciao! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Matteo Mercurio, doctor in ICT and social innovation, ICT for development and social goood, and Digital business administration and management. 

Since 2019, I work as individual company specialized in business consulting and coaching, and I spend my days consulting and teaching amazing people the tools and frameworks that they need to make their goals come reality, and crush them consistently. 

If you ever stumbled across the term Agile,and want to know more about it, you've come to the right place!

Now this is a coach I can trust!

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So, what can I do for you?

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But in particular, let me elaborate and describe better why you or your team would benefit from me serving you.

Yes, Serving, as I'm all focused on servant leadership, ever heard of that? It can be the game changer you are looking for!


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Agile product development – Industry 4.0

For this project, I served as scrum master and applied training, coaching and consulting services for an international-grade corporation. The new technology and product development, conducted implementing the Scrum Framework, allowed for product discovery, innovation management, team empowerment, and emergent architecture development.

In 2023, I've had the honour to design and conduct the first seminar focused on Agile methodologies and innovation management for the University of Turin's ICT Master degree. This extraordinary experience enriched me as a teacher and as a person!

extraordinary projects since 2019!

Some of the incredible people and companies I cherish


Who REALLY is Matteo Mercurio?

What makes Matteo truly special is his ability to turn any obstacle into an extraordinary success: whenever he commits to a project, he does so with an infectious energy and absolute dedication to achieving excellence. But what strikes me most about Matteo is his human side; his empathy, kindness, and listening skills make him not only a respected professional but also a trusted friend in any situation. His presence is a beacon of calm and support in an often hectic and uncertain world. In short, if you are looking for someone to guide you through professional challenges with extraordinary results and unparalleled commitment, look no further-Matthew is the perfect choice. Rely on him and prepare to be amazed by his professionalism and to have a partner who will walk with you toward success!
Clarissa Balducci
Clarissa Balducci
Commercial back office @ Autostandar 2.0
Engaging in the Talenti per l'Impresa (TPI) program with Matteo has been an incredibly enriching journey. From the outset, it was evident that Matteo brings both charisma and talent to the table. Our collaborative efforts on various projects were marked by his insightful feedback, which consistently elevated our work. Matteo's adeptness at fostering a positive atmosphere not only made our interactions enjoyable but also fueled our productivity. Throughout our time together, we delved into diverse topics ranging from public speaking to cutting-edge technologies like Gen AI and IoT. I found our exchanges to be both stimulating and enlightening. Moreover, Matteo's knack for rallying the team and driving projects forward was commendable. In Matteo, I see a valuable asset to any team—a blend of intelligence, creativity, and leadership that significantly contributes to project success. It's been a pleasure collaborating with him, and I wholeheartedly recommend Matteo for his ability to inspire and unify teams towards achieving their goals.
Lodovica Bernardini
Lodovica Bernardini
Project and Event Manager
I had the opportunity to work with Matteo during Autostrade per l'Italia's digital transformation. As an Agile Coach, he was committed to promoting and supporting Agile practices within the company; as a Scrum Master, he helped the team achieve their goals sprint after sprint. Matteo has demonstrated mastery of the Scrum framework and knows how to successfully apply the principles and values even in complex situations. He is definitely a valuable member to have on the team.
Emiliano Di Marino
Emiliano Di Marino
IT Project Manager @ Autostrade per l'Italia
I met Matteo at the TPI project of Fondazione CRT and from the first moments I sensed he was smart and really talented. We exchanged a lot of feedback on public speaking and on topics such as Gen AI or IOT. We have also found ourselves creating projects to be exhibited during some weekends. In him, I see an enviable decisive force and an ability to hold the team together quite well.
Giuseppe Parlapiano
Giuseppe Parlapiano
International Business and Management student
I had the pleasure of working with Matteo on a project at SIT where he served as our group coordinator. Matteo's leadership and organizational skills were exceptional throughout the project. He effectively managed our team's activities, ensuring that everyone stayed on track and deadlines were met. His clear communication and proactive approach were instrumental in keeping the project running smoothly. Matteo's dedication and commitment to excellence truly stood out, and I highly recommend him for any role that requires strong leadership and project management skills.
Susanna Owusu Twumwah
Susanna Owusu Twumwah
Communication Manager @ SIT
It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Matteo, whom I had the pleasure of meeting during the “Talenti per l’Impresa” program. Matteo’s intellect, charisma, and zeal for his work left a lasting impression on me. From the outset, Matteo demonstrated a keen analytical mind and an ability to think critically about complex problems. His contributions were not only insightful but also brought a fresh perspective to our discussions, encouraging us all to think outside the box. He has the unique ability to motivate and inspire those around him, fostering a collaborative, positive and productive environment. His passion for his work is infectious. I am confident that Matteo will be an invaluable asset to any team, and I wholeheartedly endorse him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.
Riccardo Masante
Riccardo Masante
Modeling and simulation engineer
I had the pleasure of working with Matteo during our time at Social Innovation Teams. As team leader, Matteo successfully coordinated the team, providing guidance and supervising the work of the volunteers. Matteo managed to create a collaborative and inspiring working environment that got the best out of everyone! In addition to his leadership, Matteo also showed strong organisational skills, being responsible for establishing priorities and deadlines to meet the company objectives. His passion and creativity can definitely spark a wave of innovation in every company!
Filippo Corbelli
Filippo Corbelli
European projects Project Manager
Working with Matteo during the TPI course by Fondazione CRT was a genuinely positive experience. We teamed up on various projects, and I appreciated his ability to offer helpful and constructive feedback that directly improved our work. Matteo’s positive approach not only made our collaborations enjoyable but also effective. I value the time we spent working together and recommend him for his ability to enhance any team project with his insight and upbeat attitude.
Ion Chiriac
Ion Chiriac
Frontend Engineer @ DocPlanner
Matteo is making people comfortable everywhere! Good team player transforming challenges to opportunities, he is an asset scrum mastering teams. Sometime methodology overules delivery as principle, even if he met overall commitments.
Paolo de Corte
Program manager Digital @ TetraPak

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