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About The Project

In 2019, soon after opening my individual company, I have been tasked to support the recovery of a New techniology development in industry 4.0 into one of the world leading companies operating in packaging and food safety. The project looked exciting from the outset, with strong technical challenges and cutting edge tech and solutions to be developed. The client wanted to transition to Agile Methodologies, and to apply the Scrum framework: it was among the first projects to be approached with Agile development, and the company was starting to invest more in this organizational change: I was honoured and humbled to be part of this extraordinary journey!

To approach this transformational path, I've started by providing training to the team members and to the closest affected units of the organization. Setting a fresh start has been key in securing success: In the past, the team had been exposed to a brief introduction to Agile, but it seemed that wasen't effective or comprehensive enough. Collecting the doubts and pave the way for a fresh start has been fun and engaging!

After that, Sprint after Sprint I've worked on coaching the team, facilitating their events and interaction, and supported the Product Owner in emergent product development and product Backlog management.

Ultimately: the delays were recovered, and the technical maturity of the product had been secured.

Conduct training and secure understanding and engagement
Coaching and facilitating on a daily basis
Set the stage for empowerment and continuous improvement

This project was my "Baptism" in the realm of international-grade corporation consulting: it's difficult to state how much I've learnt thanks to this experience, at such young age! 

In the end, this resulted in an extension of the consultancy contract, that gave me additional teams and projects to support, and made me the appointed "Jira expert" for the whole Digital Solution development unit of the company: Humbled! 🏅

Project info 📋

Year: 2019
SERVICES: Consulting and training
Sector: Food Packaging & Food Safety
CATEGORIES: Innovation management, product management, organizational design
Highlights: Successful recovery of project delays, new technology development, team and organization training on Agile Methodologies

Key lesson: "Empathy and listening are key to sustainable and meaningful change"


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