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Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated by people and technology.

I have collected a wide range of experiencesince I've started working at an early age, and I have always been interested in the role that work and organization play in our lives. I have combined this interest with my empathy, creativity and tech-savyness and went through a major life-changing project. In 2018 I was working long days and nights as a barman and was studying at uni, in 

My Path

Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated by people and technology. Even If I have grown up in rural Italy, in a poor household, I had the chance to be exposed to tech early, learning how to assemble and repair PCs already during middle school.

Growing up, I went to live on my ownat an early age, and I have been a working student since before obtaining my high school diploma.

Thanks to a wide range of working and studying experience, I have honed my skills and my persona, and now I’m comfortable working on a wide range of tasks and projects.

As simple as it may sound, my mission is to contribute to an increase of the Human Happines Index. Altough it might sound strange, I believe that the ultimate goal to our lives is to enjoy the time we’re given to the fullest. And this comes through self-realization and connection to oneself values. I am here to help the people, teams and companies I work with to discover their path and to increase the overall happiness. Business results and goals are natural side effects. Focus on the method and let the goals flourish! 😉

I am a lifelong learner 🙂

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